#4 McCarty School Comment: A further point


From ljdebunker

You claim in your article that "Councilman Wesson ... never bothered to send anyone from CD10 to the school to meet with or investigate or verify the veracity of the complaints from a few residents." Once again, your assertions are utterly incorrect. There was a long and arduous meeting at CD 10,

attended by Save Our Future, CD 10 deputies, residents of West Adams Avenues, a delegation from McCarty church, and representatives from Diane Watson's office. All present were given an opportunity to express their views, and after grasping the complexity of the conflicting accounts, CD 10 rightly called on the relevant city departments to examine all the issues and reach a determination. No improper influence was exerted by CD 10 staff in the interests of any of the parties involved. Your account of what transpired is, once again, the opposite of what actually happened. And it is clearly the job of code enforcement to "verify the veracity of the complaints". Council district staff are not qualified to assess whether there are code violations taking place, and they were right not to try to do so. This is not a complicated point, but you seem to be having a very difficult time grasping it.



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