#10 McCarty School Comment: Here is the City of Los Angeles zoning manual section that applies to schools in church buildings in R3 zones.

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Pg. 6 Section 12.03 Community-oriented Accessory Uses to a Place of Worship that is Subject to Conditional Use Approval Q - What type of community-oriented uses are generally considered to be incidental accessory uses to a church or place of worship?

A - The Zoning Administrator has determined that community-oriented uses such as parochial schools, nursery schools, head start programs, child care centers and day nurseries can be considered as customarily incidental to a church or place of worship. Recently, the Zoning Administrator has expanded this list to include Adult Day Care which includes nutritional, educational and recreational activities uniquely geared to adults. In order to consider all of the above uses as customarily incidental to a religious institution without further review by City Planning, all of the following limitations must be complied with: 1. That the school, head start program, child care or adult care service is operated by the religious institution as part of its program and is only an accessory function in connection with the principal use of the premises for religious purposes. 2. That the teachers and supervisors are employed by the religious institution and under supervision of its authorities. Any compensation paid to teachers or supervisors shall be paid by the institution rather than some private or affiliated group. This shall not prevent the religious institution from utilizing funds allocated to it by a governmental agency to pay salaries of teachers and supervisors. 3. That the religious institution, if established under the conditional process, is not prohibited by the terms of the conditional use grant from having school, child care or adult care programs. 4. That a building permit be obtained and that all other governmental regulations are complied with. The above determination only applies to churches or houses of worship which have obtained Conditional Use or have a deemed-to-be-approved conditional use status. It does not apply in the R4, R5, CR, C2, C4 and C5 where the institution, school, child or adult care is permitted by right as the main use. This does not prevent a site in the R3 zone to be used for child care of up to 20 children (permitted by Sec. 12.10A5.5) unless specifically prohibited by the religious institution's Conditional Use. (ZA 92-1025(ZAI))



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