#11 McCarty School Comment: Questions for the Editor to answer on-line???

From "Neighbor"

Subject: Possible questions Here are some questions I would like you, Dianne Lawrence, to answer, in print.

Did you have a financial relationship with Save Our Future/Youthbuild, in which you accepted money in exchange for advertising? If you had a financial relationship with Save Our Future, did you disclose this as a possible conflict of interest when writing about your consistently positive articles about them, or at any point when you were criticizing the actions of CD 10 officials? Were you personally given information and supporting documents, over a year ago, to show that Save Our Future had previously operated a school in Council District 9 on un-permitted premises, and had been issued an order to comply at this school address in CD 9 by the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety? If you got this information, did you ever mention it in any of your writings about Save Our Future? Did you speak to anybody in any organization in West Adams, such as the West Adams Avenues Association, so that your writings might reflect more than one point of view? Did you familiarize yourself with any of the code regulations or zoning regulations before making allegations that city officials had behaved improperly? When you said that CD 10 officials had never made any attempt to resolve the issues with the parties involved, did you make even one phone call to or ask one question of anyone at CD 10 to find out whether your assertion was correct? (It was not, incidentally). You have an online edition. Please publish your answers to these questions right away. Thank You for being fair,Small Group of Concerned Citizens



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