#11 McCarty School Comment: Questions for the Editor to answer on-line???

From "Neighbor" Subject: Possible questions Here are some questions I would like you, Dianne Lawrence, to answer, in print.

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#12 McCarty School Comment: Here is another question for Ms Lawrence

From Bella You say, that papers such as yours have "taken up the mantel" after the demise of large newspapers. You surely know that a mantel is a shelf above a fireplace, right? How carrying a shelf around would be a substitute for a major news source is a mystery to me. Maybe you can answer that. Or did you mean "mantle" perhaps? Sigh.

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From Charlotte Jordan I want to thank Dianne for providing a forum for the neighbors who fought against this school, to lay out their complaints. The implication in these comments that we were a rogue group taking advantage wherever we could and who willfully ignored due process is offensive at…

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#14 McCarty School Comment: PS

From Charlotte Jordan Re: "If you had a financial relationship with Save Our Future, did you disclose this as a possible conflict of interest when writing about your consistently positive articles about them, or at any point when you were criticizing the actions of CD 10 officials?" I'm not…

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#15 McCarty School Comment: Editor's Response to Questions

Once again I am delighted to have a forum where both sides of community issues can be discussed. I am also more than happy to answer questions to the best of my ability in order to further clarity and discussion. First of all I would like to thank Bella for…

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#16 McCarty School Comment: Editors 2nd Response to Question

"You feel free to champion what you see as your personal due process rights in your own neighborhood regarding gating, where you might be characterized as one of a few disgruntled neighbors. The due process rights of West Adams, however, was of no concern to you. Why is this?"…

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#17 McCarty School Comment: My "Eye on Wesson"

  From Bella It seems to many of us as though the primary focus of The Neighborhood News is the relentless hostility you display to Herb Wesson and his deputies. It's probably worthwhile to remember that there are many eyes on the Council District, not just yours, and that not…

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#18 McCarty School Comment: Herbs Office. Without reproach?

Thank you once again for using this forum to share your point of view. If you read my comments you will see that I make a few points regarding Wesson’s CD10. I acknowledge that he has deputies who work with the community. I acknowledge that some of them are very…

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#19 McCarty School Comment: A question for you

  From Bella I'm just curious. The Building and Safety official you quote: which department was he/she from? Case Management, Plan Check, or Code Enforcement? As there were two witnesses, perhaps you can ask them if you don't know the answer.

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#20 McCarty School Comment: Answer to Bella's question

Charlotte recalls it being the case management dept. She has a name but I'm reluctant to publish it because the last time I let Wesson's office know that a city official had discussed information with me regarding contact they had with Wesson, Wesson called his superior in a fit of…

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