#24 McCarty School Comment: Attorney Response

From Haig Ashikian Initially I want to thank those who have taken the time to voice their concerns here, I am the attorney for McCarty and Save Our Future. I am in the process of reading all of the posts here and I will be drafting a response to all of the concerns that have been expressed no later than friday.

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#25 McCarty School Comment: Lawyers info posted this week

Had a long discussion with Save Our Future's lawyer last night (see following comment) regarding the many comments that have been posted in response to the information in the Wesson article regarding the Youthbuild Charter school at Mcarty Hall. Very informative. He will be addressing all the codes and the…

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#26 McCarty School CommentAnother opinion in the mix

From "Resident" The following opinion refers to various responses by Dianne Lawrence to issues pertaining to the charter school at the McCarty Church. The CD-10 has been maligned again; and new, reputation-damaging, and possibly even career ending allegations, if true, have been made about the City’s civil servants. This does…

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#27 McCarty School Comment: whew

Dear Resident Thank you for posting your opinion and if you have read all the comments you will find that the McCarty church lawyer will be addressing all of the issues you and others have brought up. Which is why I appreciate you taking the time to lay out your…

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#28 McCarty School Comment: McCarty and Save our Future

From Haig Ashikian Initially I would like to thank all the people that have been addressing these issues in this forum. I believe that the concerns raised here have brought some understanding to the issues involved and I would invite any residents to come and meet with myself and/or the…

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#29: McCarty School Comments: A Resident's response to Mr Ashikian

From "Resident" Dear Mr Ashikian Thank you for the reasonable tone of your post, and for the recognition that this is about what the Los Angeles codes require. Codes are complex instruments, and views about them may differ. Nothing wrong there, and everyone is entitled to make his or her…

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Response #30: McCarty School Comments: Editors response to "resident"

Not sure what kind of substantiation “resident” requires. Two people reported that a city agent told them that someone from CD10 called and told the office to stop assisting Save Our Future’s effort to move forward in securing permits. I personally have had city agents tell me that they do…

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Madame, I believe you ordered the crow...?

Guess the winds of change weren't a'blowing like you said they were. Guess the electorate was thoroughly unconvinced by your mudslinging Well, here's a big order of crow for you Ms Lawrence. Bon Appetite

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Wesson wins by a landslide: 73.84%

For some reason, Dianne Lawrence has not mentioned this election, a significant and newsworthy event, in her "newspaper". To be the recipient of 73.84% of the vote is a real indication of voter trust and approval. The people who got out and voted overwhelmingly wanted Wesson returned to office. Anyway,…

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Be Patient

Hi Bella We are waiting for the official results before we submit a report. But I'm glad to know you are tuning in regularly. That's what I like to hear. I think if you actually read The Neighborhood News you will find that I reported it was exceedingly difficult to…

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