START Los Angeles. Washington and Western Busts a Move

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Category: Art
Published on Friday, 13 April 2018 18:02
Written by Dianne V Lawrence
Washington Blvd. just east of Western has experienced an explosion of art, murals and coffee.Property owners Steve Wallis and Eileen Ehmann have partnered with Terry Guy, CEO of Monorex, and with the owners of the newly launched Alibi Coffee Company,  Derek Jaeschke and Will Hyndman,  to create START Los Angeles.  

In just one year, they have hosted a variety of events such as “I Am an Immigrant,”  multiple fashion launches,  soccer events, art exhibitions, school fundraisers, an interactive theater production, and “Time Out,” a summer food event.

Monorex, headquartered in this art hub, creates and coordinates street art events and mural installations for corporate and private sponsors around the world.  Recently, they hosted a four-day pop-up gallery event for Nike’s 2018 Air Max Day featuring a variety of artists (including a remarkable 8-year-old talent) who created images based on the newly released shoe.  The closing night party featured a Monorex favorite: a Secret Walls mural battle.  Monorex also curates astonishing rotating murals on the fence surrounding their convenient parking lot.

Alibi Coffee recently launched their airy open space, featuring a functioning  pool table (not just a nostalgic centerpiece) and their own home-roasted coffee. 

To find out more and stay informed about upcoming events, visit

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