Design Your Own Artisan Pizza

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Published on Friday, 18 April 2014 15:28
Written by Pauline Holley
Design Your Own Artisan Pizza

The latest trend in pizzas has come to Mid-City, PizzaRev, a 'craft your own' artisanal joint where you get a 10- inch pizza with unlimited toppings for less than $8. Set in an assembly line setting somewhat akin to subway, you choose in the following order: your crust (original or gluten free), your sauce (olive oil, red sauce, white sauce or bbq), your cheese (mozzarella, vegan mozzarella, feta or blue cheese), and your toppings – over 11 different meats and 18 fresh veggie toppings, including gourmet options, such as klamata olives, artichoke hearts, capers and much more. PizzaRev uses a “revolutionary Fire-deck oven” that creates an extreme heat producing a toasty crusted pizza in under three minutes, a far cry from the 30-minute wait of a traditional pizza place. Being vegetarian, I ordered a gluten-free, red sauce, feta pizza with mushrooms, basil, sundried tomatoes, garlic and klamata olives. If you’re used to thick crusts, as I am, be forewarned. These are thin crust pizzas folks, no ooey gooey thickness here. But much to my surprise, the thickness and the size were just right, and it left me feeling happily satisfied and full. The right size, healthy ingredients and the right price in the middle of Mid-City!

Upper level MidTown Crossing Center at San Vicenta/Pico/Venice. 323.549.9090 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily

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