The Miller Calhoun Residence

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Category: Architecture
Published on Tuesday, 10 October 2006 03:00
Written by Dianne Lawrence

The David Miller & Wendy Calhoun Residence

Brenna and Sophia
Luckee the pitmix,
Clea the beagle,
Tigger the cat,
Blueberry the hamster

House built:
1920 by Emma Roseberry for $5,030.
Frank Tyler
Favorite Features:
U-shape room layout is great
for entertaining.
guest room has it’s own bath and adjacent entrance.
subway tile in the kitchen.
wonderful built-in cabinetry in dinette, dining room, main hallway, and master bathroom.
large backyard.
ample windows with lovely sunset views on the west side.

Kinney Heights between Western and Arlington north of Adams

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