The Chen/Gruenberg Residence

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Category: Architecture
Published on Sunday, 04 April 2010 01:24
Written by Renee Montgomery

Visitors to Lafayette Square will notice the Chen/Gruenberg home immediately upon entering the neighborhood, one of the largest and most imposing residences in West Adams at over 6,000 square feet.

Built over a three year period, circa 1915, by a lumber merchant, this home features the most exquisite rich wood throughout -- mahogany in the living room, oak in the dining room, walnut in the library.  Unfortunately the owner died before moving in. The builder, Charles Wagner lived in the neighborhood and later committed suicide.  The house is Italian Renaissance style featuring a stained glass window as center piece, depicting a European/possibly Italian landscape. This spacious home includes five bedrooms three fireplaces, a fully finished attic, and large basement.  In the 1921 book entitled Los
Angeles:  From the Mountains to the Sea, with Selected Biographies of Actors and Witnesses of the Period of Growth and Achievement, the author says Wagner “developed an organization  . . .  as a building contractor which is exemplified in its perfect results by scores of the finest homes, business blocks and apartments in Los Angeles.”


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