Fred's Utopia Barbershop Xmas event

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Category: Featured Local Business
Published on Saturday, 26 December 2009 14:15
Written by Dianne Lawrence

Fred's Utopia Barber shop at 5276 w. Pico Blvd. has been in our community for 44 years. Recently I was invited to come by and attend their annual Christmas celebration. When I stepped in the front door  I was transported back to the days when I accompanied my dad to his barber shop with it's relaxed and welcome atmosphere, the conversations, the lived in environment. Fred's wall was covered with pictures that remind guests of the long history of this popular community center.  I was directed to the back where Fred was fussing over the delicious food that was being offered up. I grabbed a plate and went and joined the crowd in the hairdressers rooom and listened to the easy  flow of conversation between the patrons and the hairdressers. On my way out I stopped in the front room where the two barbers, Fred and Jerry were getting customers presentable for holiday festivities. One customer was playfully chiding Fred for 'getting in his business".  I laughed and added, "Isn't that what goes on in the barbershop?"

Shoobie, Patricia, Mary, Jerry,         Saezon, Alease, Fred

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