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Published on Monday, 06 January 2020 23:34
Written by D.V. LAWRENCE
Dec19bookswebHave you looked around your home and thought, "I have way too many books."? Have you called up the local library like thousands of others thinking surely they will appreciate your fine taste in literature and welcome the donation, only to find out the libraries can't possibly process all the donations. Donated books that are out of date or not of general interest end up sitting on the shelf in the book-sales room sadly waiting for the monthly sale.

Well, here are some creative and helpful options that ensure your books will end up in appreciative and grateful hands.......


Little Free Library sets up in your front yard allowing you to give books to your neighbors walking by.


Donate them to The Last Bookstore in DTLA.


Ship them to organizations like - Betterworldbooks.com

They collect and sell books online to fund the donation of books and literacy initiatives worldwide. They have raised $8.6 million for global literacy by capitalizing on the value of so-called “no-value books.” They benefit five major nonprofit literacy programs as well as 80+ other literacy-based nonprofits. And they make it easy by supplying everything you need, for free —from collection bins and posters to shipping cartons. They even cover the shipping costs to get the books to their warehouse.

Ship to American soldiers abroad:


Or to Africa


Or to prisoners.


Or donate them to The World Harvest Foodbank on the corner of Arlington and Venice.  They have a large table at the entrance for book donations that customers can take home for free.

Nothing like knowing your beloved books will end up in front of grateful eyes!
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