Town Hall Meeting Collapses As Protestors Rush The Stage

Town Hall Meeting Collapses As Protestors Rush The StageA town hall meeting attended by approximately100 community members and featuring Mayor Eric Garcetti was held at Holman United Methodist Church in South LA Oct. 19, Monday night. It came to an abrupt end when a small group of Black Lives Matter protesters rushed  the stage where Garcetti and others…

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Illegal Dumping

Illegal DumpingIllegal dumping has become a source of many a discussion on Nextdoor, the popular neighborhood networking platform that allows neighbors to communicate online.  For the residents who live on Apple St. (running east/west just north of the freeway between Hauser and Sycamore), it has been an ongoing discussion for decades.…

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24th St. Garden School

24th St. Garden School The 24th Street Elementary School’s  Garden School, located 1/2 block west of Western, is celebrating its ten year anniversary.   It was started by local neighbors and school staff  who worried about the children playing on hot asphalt with no shade. Their desire and efforts to create a learning garden…

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Homeless Solutions Explored

Homeless Solutions Explored Continuing our series on homelessness in CD10, reporter Carla Pineda explores what it takes to address the issue seriously and who is getting the job done.A glance toward the Washington Blvd. fire station or the Crenshaw Blvd. exit off the I-10 freeway will remind local residents of the 1,168 homeless…

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Odd Squad Car Club

Odd Squad Car ClubAs I headed from the parking lot on the east side of the Wilshire Division Police station towards CVS at Midtown Plaza, I drove into the lot that separates the old OSH from Venice Blvd. and beheld a joyful sight: old cars and sharp men.  Blake Weddington Wednesday evening from about…

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It's Official! Pico is a GREAT Street.

It's Official! Pico is a GREAT Street.When Mayor Eric Garcetti was campaigning in 2013, he pledged a “back-to-basics” approach, prioritizing job creation and improving city services, safety, and sustainability if elected. One program he created to reach toward those goals is the Great Streets Initiative, which aims to enhance 15 significant corridors in each of L.A.’s…

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100 Children Dressed as Canaries March Against Neighborhood Oil Drilling in South LA

100 Children Dressed as Canaries March Against Neighborhood  Oil Drilling in South LAMore than 100 children from two summer programs in South Los Angeles took to the streets July 20, dressed as bright yellow birds to demonstrate that they, their families, and their neighbors should not be treated like canaries in a coal mine because of the two oil drilling operations less…

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Prostitution Along Western

Prostitution Along Western Neighborhood websites have been lighting up with complaints, pictures and reactions to the prostitution that plagues Western Blvd.  TNN decided to sit down with a seasoned veteran of the prostitution problem on Western, Captain Palazzolo from Olympic Division.TNN:In what area of Western Blvd. is prostitution most active? Capt.…

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Wilshire Police Division Going the Extra Mile for the Homeless

Wilshire Police Division Going the Extra Mile for the Homeless TNN:Sgt. Morgan, I know that you've have been assigned as the Wilshire Division liaison for homeless issues in our community, so can you tell us a little bit about that project?  Sgt. Morgan:At the beginning of this year I was asked to see what else we can do to…

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Resident Water Saving Winners

Resident Water Saving WinnersTNN put out a call to readers to submit photos and stories showing how they saved water and the winner would get a $50 gift to their favorite TNN restaurant.  We couldn't decide between Greg Schreiner of Carmona Ave. and Maria Norris of Somerset Dr. so we will split the…

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