Washington Blvd. and Harvard Comes Alive

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Category: Local Development
Published on Saturday, 18 June 2011 18:17
Written by Dianne Lawrence

Jose Villasenor is a new and welcome developer to our community. He bought the property on the south east corner of Harvard and Washington, a series of 7 storefronts. Young and savvy with previous development experience, Jose understands the importance of being a part of the community as opposed to imposing himself on or being disconnected from it. In one of his first actions he approached the Harvard Heights HPOZ (Historic Presevation Overlay Zone) to consult on the design improvements for the façade. Local neighbor and HPOZ member Steve Wallis said Jose was very receptive and solicitous of neighborhood input. Along with the installation of awnings and plants, he is keeping the building’s night lights that hang over the street like Trumpet flowers.

Jose Villasenor   Edgar Prado

Images of what he plans are provided on easels in the windows of the storefronts that are now under renovation. Jose promises to rent to businesses that enhance the cultural feel and needs of the community.  Currently there is Iguanas Arte’ a body art/gallery and home to Aztec dancers.  The anchor corner store will become a designer denim boutique and Jose recently signed on another gallery/artist studio but the biggest buzz is for the Blu Elefant Café owned by Edgar Prado. A coffee shop within dog walking distance of a community thirsty for a good cuppa local joe. The Neighborhood News welcomes Jose Villasenor and our new neighbors!

UPDATE OCT  2012:  Edgar Prado stepped away from the Blu Elefant project which was taken over by Inri Aguilar. The Blu Elefant Cafe is schedule to open in October or November.



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