OPERATION VOXCOMINSTANT CONTACT IN A COMMUNITY EMERGENCY During an earthquake, power outage, or even man-made event (riot or terrorist action), there is a strong possibility that communications will not be available. This includes landline telephones, cellular/VOIP devices, and the internet. If there are some patches of communication, there is a possibility that…

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Senior Lifestyle Tips

Senior Lifestyle TipsWalking for Senior Health Here's another senior health care tip. When walking for senior exercise, it is important that you keep a normal stride. Over-extending our stride length jolts our joints and actually slows us down. You may also put stress on your joints and ligaments by trying to go…

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Keeping Your Senior Parents Safe

The years pass quickly.  You’re 50+ and that means your living parents are definitely seniors. If they’re in good health, fantastic!  This is the time to discuss and make plans to help them stay in their home as long as possible by enhancing the home’s safety.  Just as you can…

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Why Choke Collars Aren't the Best Solution to a Pulling Dog and What Is

 Why Choke Collars Aren't the Best  Solution to a Pulling Dog and What IsDogs do not make the connection between the tightening of a collar around their neck and you at the end of the leash.  All they know is that something is digging into their neck and since dogs can tolerate a lot of pain, they just pull harder.I can't…

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DOG TRAINING ADVICE: WILL NEW DOG BE SAFE AT DOG PARK?Dear Readers, I have been rescuing and training dogs since the 1980s and spearheaded changing a law in LA making it illegal to tie a dog up in the yard as a lifestyle. I often hear dog owners claim their dog is particularly smart and I explain that dogs are smart. …

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IT IS ILLEGAL TO KEEP A DOG  TIED UP IN A YARDReprinted from issue # 4 Feb. 2009. Lightly edited.When some people look out their window or go into their yard, they are forced to witness their neighbor's dog tied to a dog house or stake while the family is inside or away. Or maybe the dog lives isolated in…

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Importance of Tagging Your Dog

Importance of Tagging Your Dog"My dog never gets out."  Famous last words. When Los Angeles experienced an exciting thunder and lightning storm, I went to my front window to enjoy the light show and saw a dog, soaking wet, running down the street in an utter panic.A day after the rains, I…

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Outdoor Dogs Get Cold Too

Outdoor Dogs Get Cold Too Give most dogs a choice between a soft pillow and cozy fire...or cold ground outside, what do you think they will choose? People who have outdoor dogs often mistake a dog's silence as an indication there isn’t any problem. What  they don’t realize is that dogs can endure enormous…

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Avoid Hot Dogs This Summer

Avoid Hot Dogs This Summer When was the last time you walked on a sidewalk or asphalt road in the middle of a hot summer's day...in bare feet?  Wouldn't think of venturing out without your sandals!   Now think of your dog as he walks beside you across a searing hot parking lot or…

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Why Your Dog Doesn't Listen To You

Why Your Dog Doesn't Listen To You Dog problems are almost always the result of a lack of proper communication between the dog and the Pet Parent.   When Pet Parents come to me for training, I’ll watch the way they relate to their dog while they talk about their concerns.  I hear... “Foxie!  How many times…

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