10th Anniversary. Couldn't Have Done It Without Them

10th Anniversary. Couldn't Have Done It Without ThemOn this 10th Anniversary Issue I have to shine a light on the people who were there in the beginning, helping me to establish firm foundations.  First - The following people gave much-needed support in the beginning either through encouragement, donations, sharing their experience in publishing,  or all three.  Buck…

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Kitty Bungalow's Shawn Simons

Kitty Bungalow's Shawn SimonsEditors Note: When you think of women who rescue cats, what comes to mind are images of wild hair, cars filled with cat food and too many cats running wild in disorganized houses that smell of urine.  Everything about Kitty Bungalow and its founder Shawn Simons contradicts this image.  When…

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Regina Jones' Got Soul

Regina Jones' Got SoulRegina Jones grew up quickly. At the age of 10, she recalls spending time in the South L.A. beauty parlor where her mother worked. Good customer service was a given there and eventually, Jones figured out that if she picked up clients’ lunches, her tips would add up to…

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The Nicholas Brothers Remembered

The Nicholas Brothers Remembered Fayard and Harold Nicholas made a name for themselves with their feet. From the ages of 14 and 7, the brothers impressed crowds worldwide with their electric tap dancing skills. Though they passed in 2006 and 2000 respectively, the Nicholas Brothers’ legacy lives on through their children, grandchildren and great…

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Interview with the Amazing Grandmaster Ari Moon

Interview with the Amazing Grandmaster Ari MoonIf you take Crenshaw frequently you will have noticed Moo Sool Won, a Korean martial arts school housed in the bright orange building between Crenshaw and Olympic.The large floor-to-ceiling picture windows allow you to watch students young, old and in between practicing their moves. The school was started in…

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5th Anniversary Interview with Editor/Publisher Dianne V. Lawrence

5th Anniversary Interview with Editor/Publisher Dianne V. LawrenceOn the 5th Anniversary of the inaugural publication of The Neighborhood News we thought an interview with the publisher/ediitor might be in order.  Dianne  printed 1,500 copies her first issue and today publishes 13,000 - 14,000 every two months.  How did she get started and what does it take to keep…

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Interview Midtown Shopping Center Developers James R. Young and Courtland Young

Interview  Midtown Shopping Center Developers  James R. Young and Courtland YoungRumors, accusations, and misinformation have been tossed about like ships in a storm since the shocking and abrupt closing at the Midtown Shopping Center of the AMF Midtown Lanes, beloved Maria’s Café and World on Wheels. The approaching closing of Orchard Supply and Hardware (OSH) and the Broadway Federal Bank, along with the…

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Papa Christo Talks Shop

Papa Christo Talks Shop Adorning the walls of the popular Papa Cristo’s Greek Restaurant are pictures from the 1948 grand opening of what was then just a simple Greek market. Sam Chrys opened C & K Importing Company,with the intention of bringing the foods and wines of Greece to Los Angeles. In 1968,…

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Running A Medical Marijuana Collective

Running A Medical Marijuana Collective Interview with Daniel Sung, Director of LA Wonderland Caregivers A Little Background: In November of 1996, California voters passed the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 or Proposition 215 with 55.6% of the vote. It allowed patients to use marijuana to alleviate the symptoms of a variety of ailments from cancer and Aids…

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Interview with Laura Meyers

Interview with Laura Meyers               If you have participated in our community in any meaningful way then you probably know Laura Meyers. Noted for her prodigious knowledge of all things related to local development, Laura is recognized as a fair and steady voice at meetings she attends or chairs,…

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