Fais Do Do. 28 Years Strong

Fais Do Do.  28 Years StrongStanding like a sentinal at the entrance of what I like to refer to as the West Adams Gateway (the strip along Adams between La Brea and Fairfax, gateway to Historic West Adams on the east and Culver City on the west) is one of the longest surviving clubs in…

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UnionWhen local activist and business owner Jewel Thais-Williams first considered selling her historic Pico Boulevard club Catch One, her foremost priority was to meet a buyer who’d honor the history of the nearly 100-year-old venue. In the fall of 2015, Thais-Williams found just the person: L.A. nightclub impresario Steve…

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Art and Music Come to West Adams Blvd.

Art and Music Come to West Adams Blvd.When my buddy Jeff Copeland and I decided to check out Delicious Pizza one weekend evening, we were met with a remarkable street scene that brought on wild flashbacks of the downtown mid 80's LA art scene.  The street was packed with young artists and scenesters enjoying pizza, going in…

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Delicious Pizza and Building Community on West Adams Blvd.

Delicious Pizza and Building Community on West Adams Blvd.It started with the popular night club Fais Do Do anchoring the La Brea end of Adams and continued with Vee's Cafe and Vintique Vintage Clothes anchoring the Hauser/Fairfax end.  Then along came the restaurants Los Anayas and Honey Bees. TNN interviews Mike Ross and Fredrick Sutherland the two visionary…

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Pico Pioneer Pinky Rose in the Pink!

Pico Pioneer Pinky Rose in the Pink! When Pinky opened her business in 2003 the economy was thriving and monies for investing in small businesses flowed freely, so the time seemed right for Pinky to realize her life-long desire to open her own fashion boutique. She established herself as the first upscale boutique of any kind on…

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Fred's Utopia Barbershop Xmas event

Fred's Utopia Barbershop Xmas eventFred's Utopia Barber shop at 5276 w. Pico Blvd. has been in our community for 44 years. Recently I was invited to come by and attend their annual Christmas celebration. When I stepped in the front door  I was transported back to the days when I accompanied my dad to…

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Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens

Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens By Carol Jones Have you been wondering what goes on at that beautiful, big white mansion at 3500 W. Adams (just west of Arlington) and what in the world is a labyrinth? Welcome to the headquarters of the Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness and Peace Theological Seminary…

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